Walker Accounting has joined forces with JC & Company

Walker CPA Accounting & Tax is excited to announce our merger with JC & Company in Lancaster, Ohio. This strategic union is highly beneficial for both me and my clients. The collaboration enables me to maintain my dedication to serving clients while gaining access to enhanced resources for an even better client experience. JC & Company offers an array of services identical to those previously provided by Walker CPA, ensuring a smooth transition for all clients. This merger not only facilitates continued client relationships but also empowers me to delegate business ownership responsibilities. This shift allows me to focus on my passion for being a CPA without the demanding 70+ hours per week commitment, particularly during tax season, promoting a healthier work-life balance for my family and well-being. Clients can expect to receive the same exceptional service and hands-on assistance that they enjoyed with Walker CPA. The only modifications involve new letterhead, phone number and the recipient to whom clients make payments. Rest assured, my commitment to providing top-notch service remains unchanged. Established in 1954, JC & Company has a team of 28 professionals spread across two offices in Lancaster and Hilliard, operating as a traditional CPA firm. Our services include individual and business tax planning, tax preparation, general bookkeeping (including QuickBooks online), payroll administration, and a full-service financial brokerage firm with wealth management services. The journey of establishing my own practice, navigating through the challenges brought by COVID, and now joining forces with JC & Company has been truly remarkable. I love meeting and collaborating with my clients, and I eagerly anticipate our continued success in partnership with JC & Company.